Friday, May 31, 2013

Summer 2013!

Well, here we are again.  Made it through another school year.  Our school year was as normal, and
uneventful as ....wait (record scratching), hold everything!  We did have one significant event that brought our family closer together.  This past year, we discovered that my daughter, Summer, now 14 years old, has a cyst in the right temporal lobe of her brain, which is causing seizures.  These seizures cannot be controlled with medication and so we will soon be heading to Fort Worth, Texas for surgery.  And though I will post updates on her health, I will try to stay within the same subjects as last summer.  If you are interested in following her story follow this link:  I will also make every effort to remain well and sane in order to be able to create adventures as we go through this journey together.  I will pick up on our summer list of things to do from last year and I will continue to post them as summer vacation goes into full force.

I had a reality check when I was going over our Summer Things To Do List, and I mentioned free Tuesday Movies with excitement in my voice.  At which point, my 13 year old son, Nathan, said, "Mom, those are little kid movies," and I froze with an aching heart.  He was right.  They have grown in one year and are no longer interested in some of the things we did last year...granted, last year they did fuzz a little about it, but I still managed to get those silly things done.  I have a feeling that this year will be harder and I just need to find things more age appropriate.  Piece of cake, right? Right.

By the way, meet the newest member of our family, Max.  He is a 3 1/2 year old Basset mix (left), being hugged by his new sister, Zoey (lab mix), who will turn 2 this summer.  We will attempt another trip to the dam to see how well Max likes the water.

An update on the DIY: The hutch that I refinished with the stain... it is still beautiful and the shine is still strong in spite that I did not sand it.  The doors became a little dull, but that is because the doors are made of faux wood and did not take up all the goodness of the stain.  But it is still a huge improvement over what it was before I stained it.


The picture on the left was taken a year ago, as the project was completed.  The picture to the right was taken today.  Notice how there is still a shine above the dishes on the top shelf?

Until my next post, my friends.