Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sweet Summer 16th

Friday.  As Aldo and I drove to drop Summer off at her friend, Jaylynn's house to spend the night, I was hoping Summer would not notice the cars parked in front of the house. She had already suspected her friends from church were up to something for her birthday. We got off the truck and walked Summer to the door, where her friend’s mom (and my friend as well), Angela, opened the door. It was suspiciously quiet as we walked in the house, and I noticed the view to the back yard was blocked. As Summer walked closer to the back yard sliding door where Jaylynn was waiting to greet her, she got a glimpse of everyone waiting to surprise her. Little by little, not only some of her church friends walked inside the house to greet and surprise Summer, but also most of her closest friends from school, including her brother, my son, Nate, who is increasingly becoming part of "the group," where anxiously waiting to surprise Summer and honor her on her 16th birthday. Tears only welled up in my eyes to see how happy Summer was, and how we had just witnessed God's blessing on our family. As her friends trickled in, Angela showed us the cake that was lovingly baked by another of Summer's friends. There were streamers and balloons, food on the counter, wow! As we made our way to the door, no sooner had we decided to leave than Summer being pushed in the pool as a gesture of love from her friends, shoes and all.

Saturday. Aldo and I drove Summer and Nate to the hangout house, the twins, for a day of hanging out, working out, eating...the usual when the high-schoolers are there. To all of our surprise, once again, Summer was surprised and showered with more love from her friends there.
 Many times we think of God's provisions as monetary. Truth of the matter is, He provides in many ways, using many people. For example, we had not planned on a party for Summer this year; much has happened. But God used Jaylynn and her family to bless our family by hosting this amazing "sleepover (wink-wink)" party and flooded Summer with love. Then Saturday, God used the twins to do it all over again. Oh, God never leaves us. He knows our every need and provides for them before we ask.
16 Years Ago. A week before I gave birth to Summer, we were at the hospital only to find that I was experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions. Being my first child, I was paranoid. A couple of days from that hospital visit, my doctor scheduled me to be induced in the days to follow. I was so excited that I would finally see my baby girl, and yet I was so nervous of what was ahead of us.

I was determined not to use any painkillers; I wanted to have a natural birth. When the real contractions began, I was horrified to know that they would only intensify 100 times stronger! In a moment of panic (actually, it was a moment of about 30 seconds), I was quick to leave my "natural birth" thoughts for a few hours of "bring it on" thoughts. I asked for painkillers! Quickly! I was not dilated enough for the really good stuff, so I had to settle for the stuff that knocks you out, but you still feel the horrific pain coming and going, getting stronger and stronger. When my contractions were strong enough and I was dilated enough for the stronger painkillers, I had to wait because I was still under the other, weaker medication. It wasn't till I was very close to giving birth that I was administered the strong stuff, but by then, everything went pretty quickly.

As soon as I gave birth to Summer, I looked at her. I was speechless. The medical staff took her vitals, cleaned her up, wrapped her up, and then placed this precious gift from God in my arms. I just stared at her. I couldn't even remember how exhausted I was. I just stared.
She was born Monday, September 7th, 1998 at 4:15 in the


Sunday, September 7th, 2014.  There is no other place to be than in God's House on Sundays. Even when there is a football game going on. We just love to hear God's Word. He reminds us how loved we are. Today, this particular Sunday, we are reminded of how He loves us so much, that He entrusted us with this beautiful girl, to teach her His ways, and to raise her in His love. 

Thank You, Lord, that you have found that tiny, miniscule capability in us that You have lavished us with such a delicate and valuable gift, our daughter, Summer Rain Magana. Thank You for blessing her with Your gifts, for giving her and fortifying in her a heart that is after Your heart. Thank You for sharing her with us; we are honored.

As always, we give all glory and honor to God, the Mighty One.