Friday, August 10, 2012

My First Time

     Summer is almost over and I did not get to do all of the things on my summer bucket list.  However, this summer was the first for many things for my family and I.  It comes to show that it is never too late and we are never too old for new experiences.  Here is "My First Time" list:

1.  Home Improvement Project.  I stained our built in hutch and gave it a red mahogany color.  It was very easy; I dust and cleaned it with Murphy's wood soap and let it dry for a couple of days.  Then I brushed on a thick (by accident) layer of the stain, then set a fan to allow it to took a week to dry!  It took so long to dry that I looked it up to see if I missed a step and it appears that I did!  I did not sand it down.  What?  I had to sand it down?  Well, after it dried completely, I placed my fine china and wine glasses on the shelves, and I also added a light.  It shines like nothing I have ever seen!  In the next couple of years I will know if the sanding was a must, but in the meantime, I think it is not too shabby!  What do you think?

2.  Dam Dog.  Our family took its first trip to the Leasburg Dam State Park, and our dog, Zoey, saw a big body of water for the first time.  I thought she would plunge in, but she very cautiously worked her way into the water just until she was knee deep.  Great place for the dog, though the kids were not too thrilled.

3.  Sun Burn.  At 40, I experienced a painful, red sun burn!  What is worst is that I was wearing a blouse that has 3/4 sleeves with the trendy hole on the shoulder area... well my neck and circles on my shoulders were the only things (thank goodness!) that were sun burned.  I even peeled!  Leave it to me to have such a ridiculous sun burn!

4.  Downtown Ramble.  My children were exposed to some fine art and some fancy hor'd ourves as we visited our downtown participating shops on the first Friday of every month.  I would definitely do this again with my girlfriends to enjoy some wine as we mingle, but my kids say they will pass.

5.  First Roller Coaster.  My daughter, Summer, rode on her first roller coaster ride EVER at Knotts Berry Farm.  She is 13 years old and never built the nerve to ride one until now.  She loved it so much that she rode all of the roller coasters, and is urging us to make our next trip to Six Flags!  In contrast, my little dare devil, Nathan, who is 12, could not ride many due to nausea.  What a weird turn of events.

6.  Animal Style.  While vacationing in Southern California, I ordered my usual hamburger combo at In-N-Out, but this time I ordered it Animal Style.  Those extra calories in the smothered burger and fries with grilled onions was well worth it.  I will definitely order this again!
7. Survival of the Greenest.  My plants survived and THRIVED for the first time in my life!!  Before I decided to really take care of them, they were limp and almost lifeless.  I moved them to this kitchen window where they receive beautiful rays of sunlight every morning, and I water them once a week...I even talk to them.  I don't know if the talking works, but they are beautiful!

8. NO TV...Yup, that's right, NO TV the entire summer!  Probably the biggest change in our summer was that we had no television.  Last semester, I wrote a paper on how aggressive behavior could be the results of violence on television on developing, young brains and I decided to cut down on television time.  I also realized that the television was about the first thing being turned on as soon as the kids walked in the door, whether they were watching it or not, and upon closer observations, I realized (and painfully admitted) that they were reciting commercials and tv programs.  At this point, I decided that it was time to take our lives back, and leave the television alone, at least for cable anyways.  We utilized our time reading, arts & crafts, planning, talking, board games, outside play, and quality, let me stress that again, QUALITY time together.  We also discovered many movies that otherwise we would have no idea where out there, and we watched movies before bed time as a family. 

     So I didn't get to go on a nature walk, and we didn't get to see a sunrise, but these "First Time" experiences were wonderful and make up for missing activities. As we say goodbye to our summer vacation, we say hello to the beginning of a new school year, the fall, then winter.  These new seasons are opportunities for new adventures, experiences, and memories that my family and I will treasure.

     This will be the last update.  I may blog here and there in the future if time allows.  For now, good bye and until next summer!

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