Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Things

     These are 10 things I love, would like to do, or am currently doing.  My goal this Summer is to fulfill them with my family.  No particular order.  Enjoy.

1. My family.  This includes the circle of friends and our dog.  I will make sure that I touch base with everyone, even if it just to say "hello."

2. Rising early.  As a teenager, I wasted my days by sleeping in during the Summer months.  I realize how much I missed out on.  My children will get opportunities to sleep in (I know they want to), but I will make sure that our Summers days are not wasted, but rather filled with adventures to the park, the pool, or the farmers market.

3. Watching the sun rise.  I do not plan to rise early enough to watch the sun rise every day, but I will make the drive with my family to the White Sands National Monument Park to view the glory of God, with a beautiful sun rise, at least once this Summer.

4. The Beach.  This Summer, we will go to the west coast and visit the beach by day and night.  Maybe fish or take a stroll on a pier.  We will bury each other in the sand and look for seashells.  And we will leave our names engraved in the sand, so that the waves take them into the ocean for safekeeping.

5. Bike ride.  We will embark on a bike route (something we have never done) and push our muscles to the limit.  Helmets will be a must for the family, and in addition, I will also wear knee pads, elbow pads, wrist protectors, and shoulder pads (are they allowed?).

6. Books.  I have never been a reader, but this year, I will join my kids in reading books.  I just finished reading Bill O'Reilly's book Who's Looking Out for You?  Now, on to Moonrush by Dennis Wingo.

7. Train my dog to heel.  Our four legged family member is an 11 month old lab named Zoey.  She weighs in over 50 pounds, and the truth be told...she walks me!  Just purchased a pincher collar and  I hope this works because running after a wild dog in the park, while I plead (more like yelling like a mad woman) with her to stop and heel as I am pulling on her leash with both hands is not working out so well for me.  Especially after she decides to stop and I am panting along with her!

8. Stay in a hotel room.  Just for fun, in town or when we are out visiting family in California.  The kids love to eat the continental breakfast, get in the pool, the "never off" television, and not having to do their beds in the morning.  And I like the fact that I don't have to cook breakfast, I enjoy an absolutely lazy time by the pool (reading a good book), I don't have to get on them for leaving their television on, and I don't do my bed in the morning.

9.  Take a stroll through nature.  Take a little drive to Ruidoso, NM, and enjoy a nature walk through the woods, by the creek, and really take nature in.  Camping?  I don't think I am ready for that yet. 

10. Teach my daughter to drive.  I have been allowing my daughter to take the car around our block since last Summer, but now she is asking for a longer distance, at a faster speed.  She takes good control of the car and may be ready for a few more blocks.  So, my goal is to make this my husbands goal, hehe, and it should be a piece of cake for me!

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  1. I love this! These all sound like lovely things to do - I think I'll make a list too! Love you :)