Wednesday, June 13, 2012


     So, this is it.  I finally did it.  I have always wanted to create a blog, but I had neither the opportunity, time, nor courage!  But it is done.  I hope to update this once a week.  This is my first GO FOR IT!

     I have worked for a school these past three years, and at the end of the school year I sit back and watch the entire staff leave for their Summer vacation, except me.  My contract had been a 12 month position secretary.  This year, however, I had the great opportunity to sign a 10 month contract, rather than a 12 month...mmmm.  My paychecks are going to be significantly smaller, I know this, but on the other hand, I get Summer vacation with my family!  Oh yeah, fun times require money.  What to do?  What to do?  My family and I are Christians, and we have left our lives in His care, so for one, I will place my family first and let Him provide. This is my second GO FOR IT!

     The first order of business, clean out the closets, re-organize all of our arts and crafts boxes, take out the fishing poles, buy bicycles (even though I have not ridden a bike in over....30 years!  This should be interesting not to mention entertaining for some), and find all of the free or close to free events that are going on in our city.  Summer of 2012, here we come!

Here is our schedule so far:

Tuesdays - Free movie day at Allen Theaters.  I know what you're thinking, "Who wants to watch an old, kid movie?" but even most of these kid movies are pretty entertaining.  For instance, we already watched A Dolphin Tale, sure it's a kid movie, but it was enjoyed by every adult at the theater as well.  It is a great family movie that inspires and motivates.  In an effort to help my children with retention and memory, I always ask a zillion questions at the end of the movie, like, "Who was the main character?" or "What was the name of the doctor?" etc.  My kids think I am asking questions for fun, but in reality, it helps them with memory and it let's me know where their comprehension is at.

Also, Tuesdays are $1 ice cream scoop at Baskin Robins.  We treat our family to a nice drive, some refreshing ice cream for the family at under $5.  And if you take their coupon for a $1 off on your next visit, then you will spend that much less!

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